DO YOU AGREE? How Benz Logo Look Physically vs Spiritually In Nigeria Now

Everybody just wan buy Benz, flex and be rich anyhow without thinking of the negative effect on them tomorrow.
May God help our Ladies from the hand of the desperate ones 

Guys, think about it, after doing the whole thing, you still won’t become the Richest nor the Baddest.
Let’s handle life gently.


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2 Thoughts to “DO YOU AGREE? How Benz Logo Look Physically vs Spiritually In Nigeria Now”

  1. Jean Tobe


    Permit me to say this. You all in Nigeria are full of crabs that sees a ladies underwear on a Mercedes log . Why not see a star of David log instead?

    Next thing, Christians in Nigeria will stop buying Mercedes-Benz products because one blind ignoramuse from Nigeria said the logo look like ladies pant.

    Why is it too hard for you all to see positive in anything?

    Everything is spiritually wrong in everyone of you Nigerian so called Christians. What all your fake pastors has installed in you all.

    Every misfortune is witches and witchcraft. You mom, your dad, your grandparents, your uncles & aunts, your wife or husband, your children had bewitched you.

    Then you stop caring for your loved ones, parade them naked on the street, humiliate them or even kill them. Because you fake pastor gave you his or her fake and false prophecy.

    Every fake pastor you all produce there in Nigeria knows who bewitched every one of you.

    But don’t know who bewitched him or her that made them steal from the poor and less privilege in the name of offering and tithes.

    Nigerians Christians it’s time you not just open your eyes but shine your eyes.

    If the Bible did not tell you so, it did not happen. The Bible is the word of God. The Bible is complete. No addition. No subtraction.

    If it’s not the word of God and you can’t find it in the Bible, it is not true.

    Study the words and get yourself approved so you can not be deceived by this wolves.

    Positive thinking is the key. Always find something positive to hold on in everything. There’s is something positive even in every bad situation. Look and shut for the positive at all times.

    Written by
    Jean Tobe
    Author ” Hell No Not Me-A DIVINE ENCOUNTER”

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