6 Top Affordable Braided Wigs For The Fashionable Woman

Braided wigs have come to stay, its the new trend in fashion for the conscious fashionistas. It is perfect for all those who want to have long pretty braided hair but don’t want to sit for long hours. Below is a list of the best wig braids for ladies

1. Ghana Weave Braided Wig | N 23,000

It is light and comfortable on the scalp. These wigs are handmade by professional skilled workers, it has the lightest netting cap. Its breathability is very good, these wigs are stylishly designed to give you a natural look and soft touch. This is one of the best braided wigs to include in your hair collections.

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2. Box Braids | N 21,790

This wig is 100% hand made and it is made from expression hair. It comes in the displayed color, color 33.

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3. Braided Fringe Wig | N 13,500

This braided pink wig is designed to save your long hours of sitting in the saloon for normal hair braiding. It can also stands the test of time as it can be removed at bed time, and washed with warm water when dirty. Safe yourself the stress of sitting for hours in salon.

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4. Bob Braided Wig | N 7, 885

This braided wig brings out the beauty in you. It is very easy to maintain and durable.

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5. Dread Braided Wig | N 20,000

It is neatly made in a wig cap. The Braids are tiny, full and light in weight, wear and you are ready to go.

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6. Twist Braid Wig

You don’t have to sit hours to get your braids done when you can use this luxurious twist braid. This wigs are full, lightweight and neatly made in an adjustable Wig Cap. It looks so natural with the net closure used to give it some bits of realness. The Braids are durable, easy to maintain and are made from quality hair and also one of the best braided wigs.

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