Top 4 Delicious Nigerian Swallows Which Are Keto Friendly

Did you find yourself gasping at the thought of healthy and swallow in the same sentence?  gasp not, swallows are fitfam complaint, you can enjoy swallow and still lose weight. There is a culture of food shaming emerging around Nigerian food – the stigma that if you are not eating salad, chewing quinoa or drinking a smoothie then you are unhealthy. This is one of the things I hope to dispel with this content.

Below is a list of keto friendly flours to make your swallow and also where to buy it from.

1. Coconut Flour | N 7,000

Coconut flour is packed with fiber, protein, healthy fats. It does not contain wheat or other grains; it is low in sugar, digestible carbs and calories. Coconut flour has low glycemic index. It is a common part of paleo and gluten-free diets, and it is used by vegetarians, people who deal with nut allergies, diabetes, and pretty much everyone else in between.

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2. Almond Flour | N 14,250

Almond flour are blanched and finely ground to make a delicate flour for your baking needs. It is rich flavour, fine textured and a good source of fiber.  Kirkland Signature Superfine Almond Flour are blanched and finely ground to make a delicate flour for your baking needs. It is rich flavour, fine textured and a good source of fiber. Almonds are the only ingredient on the Flour. It contains no preservatives or other additives. Natural and Superfine Flour- This superfine almond flour is low in carbohydrates, a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium. It is certified gluten-free, Peanut Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and paleo-friendly.

Great Use for Baking- Almond Flour is simply raw blanched whole almonds that have been ground into a fine powder. An incredibly versatile kitchen essential that can be used in all types of cooking and baking recipes. Resalable Bag- This Kirkland Signature Superfine Almond Flour is pack in resalable bag. A container bag that can be sealed and close tightly again after they have opened. It is very accessible and convenient for opening and close.

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3. Eggplant Flour | N 4,500

The eggplant, or aubergine, provides fiber and a range of nutrients.
A serving of eggplant flour can provide at least 5% of a person’s daily requirement of fiber, copper, manganese, B-6, and thiamine. It also contains other vitamins and minerals.
In addition, eggplant flour are a source of phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants.
Antioxidants are molecules that help the body eliminate free radicals — unstable molecules that can damage cells if they accumulate in large amounts.
Blood cholesterol Eggplant flour contains fiber, and this may benefit cholesterol levels.

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4. Psyllium Husk Powder | N 4,800

Psyllium Husk Powder is a form of fiber made from the husks of the plantago ovata plant seeds. It is most commonly known as a laxative. However, research shows that taking psyllium is beneficial to many parts of the human body including the heart and the pancreas. It makes bowel movement much easier and can help promote regularity without increasing flatulence.

It can be used a some off to ease constipation or it can be added to your diet to help promote overall digestive health. It also has the ability to soften your stool provided you drink enough water. It can be used as a binder when making swallows and as thickener for soups.

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