The 5 Best Texturizer For Natural Hair

When you spend quite some time for your hair health and appearance, you know that this doesn’t get to just a shampoo and some hair conditioner. There are many beauty products that address to specific problems of hair and you need to spend some time and patience to figure out which works the best for your hair.

The hair texturizer is supposed to take out the high tension for the tight curls and release it a bit. Therefore, our curls become easier to style and to control.

1. Organic Texture My Way No-Lye | N 4,900

The texturizer provides one strength for all hair textures. You need to carefully read and follow the instructions. It’s not difficult to do it, but you do need to pay attention. You may choose the texture of your hair and apply accordingly, like the drugstore base coats.

The organic conditioning moisturizes and strengthens your hair, protecting it from damage too. It softens your hair, eliminating frizz as well.

You should also use a neutralizer shampoo with it as the texturizer is quite strong. It loosens your curls and relaxes your hair.

You may also use it for color treated hair.

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2. KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Spray | N 2,000

The spray is multi-functional so you may easily use it to style, prep and give the final touch to your hair. Its formula includes re-bonding technology that lowers the stickiness, increasing the versatility of the spray at the same time.

You may use it as a prep spray on your wet hair, blow drying and styling your hair afterwards. If you’re aiming to build the style, you may also use it on dry hair, accentuating layers and obtaining the lasting finishing style that you wanted.

The texturizer isn’t foamy and leaves your hair soft and easy to style later on. You may even re-style your hair the next day.

Smelling amazing, the spray works and it’s easy to use. It adds body to your hair and doesn’t weigh it down either. It gives a great lift even on a humid weather, which makes it more versatile and dependable.

Unlike other texturizers, this one doesn’t get hard and crusty and works in so many ways.

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3. Just For Me No Lye Texture Softening System | N 4,200

It is a Sunflower oil formula. It prevents damage from combing & styling  and Lasts up to 12 weeks. It is a Softener and also easy to use.

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4. Sportin’ Waves  Texturizer | N 4,400

Sportin Waves hair care products are a maintenance line that provides natural sheen, moisture and hold and for short, easy to brush hairstyles. With Sportin Waves, hair remains soft, neat and moisturized without the greasy build up Sportin’ Waves Gel Pomade goes on easy and rinses out clean.

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5. Curly Kids Mixed Texture HairCare | N 4,200

Excellent super detangling spray gently detangles all curly hair textures. Results are amazing and immediately noticeable when brush or comb glides through hair. Reduces breakage and conditions all curly hair textures.

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