How Knowing The Five Love Languages Can Help Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Ideally, for a relationship to thrive, you should understand the 5 love languages and use them at different times. However, there would be a particular love language that your partner loves receiving and vice versa.

Many women say that they do not understand their partner and what he desires of them and this can cause the relationship to fail no matter how much you love each other.

The Book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman details 5 ways in which most people want to be related to in a relationship and it teaches you how to manage your love life accordingly.

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Here are the five love languages and how you can find out where you or your spouse or significant other fall in.

1. Words of affirmation

This is when you use reassuring words of love with your partner. It also involves being mindful of the kinds of things you say to them and how you say them. Even when correcting your partner, you should do so lovingly.

For instance instead of saying, “You finally went to put on the generator after how many years?” and being sarcastic about it, say, “Thank you for putting on the generator”. Chances are your spouse already knows that he should have done it earlier.

Remember that words are very powerful and for a person whose love language is regarding words and your use of them, it could either make them hostile or loving.

2. Gift giving

I don’t think there is anyone that does not like receiving gifts but there are some people that especially love receiving them. Sometimes, it is a better option to send a thoughtful gift to your spouse than to call them and talk when you have offended them.

Also, giving thoughtful gifts shows your spouse how much you care for them and think about them. The fact that you deemed them worthy enough to spend your time and money searching for a gift is a big sign of commitment.

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3. Acts of service

If you know your spouse loves it when you do a particular service for them, ensure to do it well. Your manner of carrying out the task also counts because it shows that you are doing it because you love them and not because they want you to do it.

Whether it is cooking a meal, serving a plate of snacks or doing the laundry, ensure you do it happily and lovingly.

4. Quality time

A great relationship is formed by spending time with each other. Whether it is watching a movie together, doing the dished together, taking a walk or having heart-to-heart.

Spending time together is very important in a healthy relationship as this would help to grow the bond that you have with each other.

5. Physical touch

Hugging, kissing, holding hands, cuddling and having sex are all expressions of love. You should not feel pressured to have sex with your spouse even if this is their major love language, especially if you are in a sex-free relationship.

However, showing that you love them by holding their hands, hugging them and other levels of physical contact are very important.


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