Here Are 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Used Phone

Tips To Know Before Buying A Second Hand Phone | FabWoman

Buying a second hand device is not such a bad idea, and you may actually end up getting  a good deal. The local markets are flooded with used phones , but grabbing a good deal needs some thorough inspection of the device along with other considerations like wear and tear, warranty, how long it has been used, internal damages and so on.

If You Do These 5 Things, You Will Find Yourself Saving More

Now, this doesn’t mean that the reason why people sell their handsets is because it is damaged or there’s something wrong with it. Nevertheless, this is inevitable sometimes.

There are also individuals who love laying their hands on every popular device that enters the market and replace their smartphone with newer ones frequently, so there may really be nothing to worry about.

Below are some things to check out for before buying a used smartphone.

1. Ports

Examine all the ports carefully. Besides checking for discoloration of ports , take along a pair of earphones and listen to music/FM radio. If the device comes with accessories, check if these accessories are functioning well. Check if the phone is charging with the bundled charger or carry your charger along if the phone comes with no accessories.

2. Camera and other features

Once you have visually examined the camera lens, check the camera app and take a few quick snapshots. Try taking pictures using the physical camera button as well as using the touchscreen. Some high-end phones are known for specific features such as display, high resolution camera, intuitive stylus and many more.

3. Functional touchscreen and keyboard

Looks could be deceptive. A phone can look brand new but may not necessarily be one. So, always have a quick feel of the smartphone. For instance, if its touchscreen, move your fingers across the screen and tap on the icons to see if it is functional.

Check for slow response. In case of physical keyboard, press each and every key to know if it is completely functional. Move across menus and apps to gauge if the navigation is smooth when you are using the touchscreen or keypad.

4. Secret service codes test

This simple test will let you know if all the components/features of the second hand phone are working. Smartphones come with a secret service code which you can search online. Enter the code into the dialler of the phone and a Service menu will show up.

This menu will include options like Service Info, Service Test and Customization Settings. Tap on Service Test and you will see a long list of phone features such as touchscreen, display, LED/illumination, microphone, vibrator, battery, call time and more.

Tap on each of these features and then the phone will either check if the aspect is working. However, some of these, like the battery test, could take an hour or so.

5. Examine visually

Once you have done your research and decided which smartphone to buy, head directly to your local tech shop. Seconds need a set of thorough check-ups before you finally settle for one.

Firstly, take a look at the phone from every angle. This may sound obvious, but one has to inspect the phone closely to detect scratches, cracks, tempered body and bruised edges, if any. Check the edges thoroughly to see if the phone has undergone multiple drops.

Next, move on to the screen of the device and check the screen for scratches and cracks. Always switch on the device and check the screen for cracks, which usually appear as bright line/lines on the screen or in the form of bleeding pixels.

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