Watch Zainab Balogun Share 5 Tips On How To Cope If You Have COVID-19

In her latest vlog, Zainab Balogun is sharing five tips on how to cope if you contracted COVID-19 or know someone experiencing the symptoms.

Recall that the media personality had announced she was COVID-19 positive on the eve of Christmas 2020.

She wrote: Imagine going the whole year and then testing positive for covid two days before Christmas🙆🏽‍♀️. I laughed when I got my results because I was super convinced it wasn’t happening as you’ll see in the clip. I was having my seasonal asthma flare-up and experiencing covid like symptoms from my normal meds which didn’t prompt me to think otherwise. From chills, aches, heavy head, coughs, and a slight tightness in the chest, my symptoms have been relatively mild. I’m isolating and thank God the entire house is negative. With the new strain showing up more in the country, this is still something to take seriously and be cautious about so whatever you do, protect yourself and those around you❤ This experience has revealed so much but I’m grateful.

Here are the tips she shared below.

1.Boost your immune system.


3. Make sure you sweat

4. Steaming

5. Be kind if you are treating someone who tested for the disease.

Watch her video below

She also chronicled her experience on surviving the disease.

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