Ahmad Isah, Brekete radio host, says he’s short-tempered, prays for ‘good temperament’

Ahmad Isah, human rights activist and broadcast journalist, says he prays for “good temperament” after the incident that led to the suspension of his radio station.

Isah, popularly called ”ordinary president”, hosts a long-running radio and television programme known as ”Brekete Family”.


In a BBC Africa Eye documentary, the activist was seen slapping a lady who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over an allegation that she is a witch.


Although Isah apologised for his action, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) summoned him to explain the circumstances leading the incident.


The broadcast regulator later suspended the licence of his radio station for 30 days — effective from May 31 over “recurring unprofessional conduct”.


In a Twitter post on Monday, Isah said: “No matter the good you do, pray for good temperament.”


The broadcaster said he got into trouble because of “hot temper”, adding that he is a ” learner” on the job.


 “No matter the good you do, pray for good temperament,” he said.


“Na hot temper put me for this trouble wey I dey so. I no dey hide mouth! Na learner I be!!”

The comment generated reactions on social media as some Twitter users commended him for his humility and accepting his mistake.


Below are some of the reactions. 


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