Baba Ijesha Saga: Iyabo Ojo rejects death, as elderly man says she will surely die

Omo Nigeria I hail! I just hail!! Oh Lord!

Iyabo Ojo has rejected a sudden death an elderly man placed on her over baba ijesha r3pe saga.

The elderly man had insulted the actress in an interview calling her a prostitute and then went on to say she will die. The man also claimed Iyabo and Princess the ‘mother’ of the 14-yea rold victim only want to tarnish baba ijesha’s image because he refused to settle them.

The elderly man who is in full support of baba ijesha then placed a curse on the actress even as the interviewer said, but the actress is fighting for justice for a 14-year old victim.

Iyabo has now reacted to the video, and reminded all that only God has power over her life.

The country called Nigeria sef must be tired! What is all of these?? Iyabo’s reaction:

”Baba Ijesha, Yomi Fabiyi and all you evil men and women supporting evil, plotting and trying all manner of evil to bring me down or end my life, i need you all to understand one thing, you all are wasting your time

Please take note!!! only God, I repeat, only God has the power to take my life @ his appointed time & him alone will take all the glory when that time comes & until then, you all are wasting your evil time…

I can never be afraid of any man or woman nor can i ever be silence from speaking the truth,

Only the truth shall set you free..

Also, Never forget, One with God is a majority 💪🏾
My faith in God is solid & it can never be broken or shaken✊🏾

Moreover, We all will die one day and has it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: so why shall I fear death 🤷‍♀️

Slide to watch the video below… 

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