COVID-19: Some pastors secretly take vaccine, mislead members – Prophet Iginla


Prophet Joshua Iginla of the Champions Royal Assembly has accused some pastors of misleading their members over the COVID-19 vaccine.


Iginla said some pastors who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine secretly are asking their members not to get vaccinated.


The clergyman disclosed this after he got vaccinated yesterday.


In a statement sent by his media office, Iginla urged those whose faith is not strong to get vaccinated.


He made it known that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him after taking the vaccine and those who preach against it are misleading the people.


According to Iginla: “First and foremost, understand that an unverified negative opinion or ideology can be dangerously misleading.


“I got vaccinated against COVID-19, and it is my choice; under no condition am I mandating members to take it. But to be more real, most of the negative things said about the COVID-19 vaccine are totally erroneous and false. As much as all government parastatals want the safety of their citizens, it is proper to educate them on the need to be vaccinated rather than force it on them. Encourage people to seek medical care; after all, doctors treat, but GOD heals.


“Brethren, if your faith level is still in the growing process, do not die recklessly over a situation you could have averted. Take care of your flesh; to enable your spirit man fulfil destiny, your spirit needs your flesh to function on earth.


“Do not be deceived and misled; some of the people advising you against the COVID-19 vaccine have secretly taken it. Be accountable for your deeds dear Brethren.”


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