5 Tips To Help You Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work

For ladies working in offices and firms, most times, things do not go rosy and they sometimes get sexually molested by their male colleagues or bosses.

Sometimes, the situation gets so tough that they eventually have to quit their jobs just because they do not accept these advances.

We have given 5 tips below on how to deal with sexual harassment from a boss at work.

1. Make your displeasure known

Some joking and bantering in the workplace is fun and tolerable but some aren’t. When it isn’t, call it out–immediately. Completely change your countenance, be direct, make it very clear they’ve crossed a big line with you.

Want To Be A Successful 21st Century Woman At Your Workplace? These 5 Tips Will be Your Guide

It can be as simple as “please, that wasn’t funny” or as serious as “you are making me feel very uncomfortable right now, please stop it.” Even better if others are around to hear you. Trust us when we say, no individual wants to be the accused in a harassment situation and if you treat it seriously, the other person probably will too.

2. Keep a record

If your boss isn’t getting the message, prepare to report him. Gather evidence to substantiate your claims.  Save any emails or text messages that contain inappropriate language directed at you.

Try to use your mobile phone recorder to discreetly record his remarks.

3. Report it

If you’re truly feeling harassed, document the situation immediately and report it. One of the biggest issues with most female employees who suffer from this is that they supposedly endured harassment for some time before officially reporting it.

How can you get the support you need if no one knows what you’re experiencing? If you’re being harassed by a  boss, talk to HR, as they are trained to deal with such matters with discreetness and in confidence.

4. Ignore the small stuff

Part of working together every day with the same people includes joking around and, yes, even a bit of teasing. How many times have you heard a man give another man a hard time about his clothes or his habits, or even his work? It’s how men often relate with ladies, and it’s typically not personal.

Men don’t cry or shut down and scream ‘rape’; they either ignore it or give it back immediately. Learn to do the same. And if you get good and clever at this, you might be surprised at the additional respect you gain and they begin to give you the privacy you so deserve.

5. Create Plan B

Leaving your job should be your last resort. But before you take this step, it’s best to start looking for another job.

Leaving without an option may result in a feeling of powerlessness, so think about it and put things in place before you hand in your resignation.

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