Jaruma replies Ned Nwoko- says all he Wrote about Laila was all LIES

Jaruma has replied to the claims of Ned Nwoko about her saying all he wrote about his ex-wife Laila Charani are nothing but lies just to tarnish her image and bring her down.

Ned Nwoko accused Laila of using Kayanmata to charm him for the past 10yrs that they’ve been together shading the seller Jaruma that even her husband has left her insinuating that her products are not good as they have been claiming.

She wrote;

”ALL EYES ON ON JARUMA 👑 The Only Northerner The World Watches & Follow ❤ Jaruma Replies 74 Year Old Billionaire Ned Nwoko ~ 1. Nigerians are saying that for u to write all this again today about Jaruma, that means TRULY, Jaruma product is working on u 💋😘💝
2. You said Jaruma’s husband dumped Jaruma 2 Years ago but yet, u have never seen her husband write 5 WHOLE PAGES OF THE NASTIEST HURTFUL THINGS YOU JUST WROTE ABOUT LAILA UR OWN WIFE OF 10 YEARS WITH 4 CHILDREN (Lies Lies Liesssssss from the pit of Hell just to tarnish Laila’s image & bring her down vomit 🤮)
3. Dear Clients, see my hands are completely burnt black because of working for u 🖤😩 My make up melted completely & I was dripping before the end of this video……. Please, Please appreciate my efforts 🙏


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