5 Crazy Ways to Make Money Online

5 Crazy Ways to Make Money Online

So, you have decided to start looking for a stable income on the Internet. Without cheating, with fast payment and, preferably, on an ongoing basis — most likely this is what will interest you in the first place.

How feasible are your desires, and is there even an opportunity to make money on the Web? In this article, we will look at five interesting ways to make money online.

1. View Ads

This is a good way to quickly earn money online without risks: watch ads and get paid for it. In addition, services may offer rewards for additional actions — transitions to sites, clicks, and the like. You will be paid for:

● visits to advertising sites;
● watching short videos;
● viewing banner ads;
● viewing PR graphics through the browser;
● downloading and installing extensions that display ads in the web surfer;
● viewing PR-rollers in applications for smartphones.

To start making money in this niche, you only need the Internet and a browser. The main advantage of this method is that the video is played on the screen, and you get paid for it. At the same time, the browser with ads can be minimized to a small size, and you can safely use the rest of the monitor. That is, you are paid for renting part of the screen.

2. Write Reviews

If you like to talk about your experiences visiting different places, using a product or service, then this can be a source of income. Many companies are willing to pay for a review of them. The amount of payment is formed under the influence of various criteria. For example, what market niche does the product/service occupy or what is the quality of your review.
There are rules to follow if you decide to write a paid review:

● The number of characters contained in the text should have a limited meaning (which one depends on the site, but, as a rule, this is indicated in the description).
● The text should be readable, that is, it should not contain errors in spelling and punctuation, be divided into paragraphs and subheadings, and so on.
● The text must be unique. You won’t get paid if you just copy and paste someone else’s review.
● The response should be useful to readers. You will get decent pay if the review is meaningful and realistic.

3. Trade on Online Exchanges

Exchange trading is the conclusion of transactions in the markets of different valuables. Trading is stock speculation that requires knowledge of theory and investment experience. Traders independently analyse the markets, choose assets, and make deals. They earn on the difference between the purchase and sale price of the lot. Novice players should study the laws of the market, analysis methods, trading strategies, and practice on a demo account. Some companies like Forextime offer forex bonus to start forex trading and earning money in Nigeria without investments.

4. Participate in Surveys

Many corporations conduct consumer research. To do this, they rely on surveys conducted by specialized sites. These sites offer you to take a survey for a certain monetary reward.
Before starting the survey, the site will request the following information:

● your gender and age;
● place of residence;
● family status;
● hobbies;
● own housing, equipment, etc.

Do not be afraid to provide such data. Verified sites do not transfer personal information to third parties. For them, only your answers to the questions posed are important.

5. Create Videos

The point is to create videos on a specific topic or within a specific niche. Choose a topic that you understand well or one that will bring in a lot of traffic. For example, cooking.
Sources of income will be:

● Advertisements on YouTube;
● Direct revenue from advertisers, but you need to find them first;
● Profit from referral links. You will need to include an advertising link in the description of the video. You will receive income for each registration or purchase. This method is best for advertising games or products.

So, finding earnings through the Internet without cheating is a doable task. Try different ways, try out different platforms, but don’t forget to read reviews from real users so you don’t fall victim to scammers.


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