If I’m Not Hardworking My Husband Wouldn’t Stay –Tayo Sobola

If I’m Not Hardworking My Husband Wouldn’t Stay –Tayo Sobola


Ever stunning actress, Tayo Sobola a.k.a Sotayo Gaga, is a cheerful giver.

She is so passionate about giving that sometimes she empties her bank accounts to solve people’s problems.

In this interview with the Sun, the newly crowned Queen Mother of Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa State talks about her passion for charity, career, marriage and roles as a traditional title holder. Enjoy it.

Who is Tayo Sobola off-camera?

I am a very lively person, but I can also be the direct opposite at the same time. Off-camera, I love to be by myself a lot. I prefer to hide in my room and do things on my phone. If the phone is not available, I sit at my thinking table and start to do what I have to do.


It’s like you speak Hausa…?

I speak a few words (of Hausa) gleaned from books.

How then do you communicate with people in Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa?

They speak English as well. It is a civilised kingdom. For those who don’t know, we have several people who can translate. I also have a book from my NYSC days, because I served in Gidan Madi, Sokoto. They gave us a book to help us communicate better with the locals and indigenes, and that still comes in handy. Whenever I go there and I know what I want to say, I read up beforehand.

So, what determines the kind of roles you accept in movies?

There’s a limit I can go. Some men don’t like their wives in touchy-kissy roles. Before now, I was very careful about the kind of roles I accept, I didn’t do a lot of romance on set. Some actors find it easy to marry each other, because they are used to doing those things a lot with themselves on set, so feelings set in. I never used to do those things, and now I can’t.

A number of men restrict their wives from acting after marriage. What’s your opinion on that?

It’s their decision. I believe that for you to decide to marry an actress in the first place, there was something that you saw. If you eventually marry and say you don’t want that aspect of her, then it is left for the woman to decide if she can abide by it. It is a decision for the lady to make if she can cope with it. Most men do these things as a result of jealousy. They think that the way they saw her is the same way others will notice her.

Can you give up your career for marriage?

It depends. The question is that how many times do I even act now? One thing takes the other away; that is the truth. People think they can juggle, but eventually discover that one of those things would take precedence. Now, I do a whole lot of services that are taking me away from my career as an actress. It is not like my husband or anyone is saying don’t do movies again. He lets me do what I want. But I have to respect that there is a limit I can go when I am acting, and I don’t need to be told.

What is the biggest gift marriage has given to you?

I have always been reserved, but I don’t look it. Marriage has given me the ability to maintain who I have been.

Do you think you would have come this far if you didn’t come into the movie industry?

Yes, I think so. I did not grow up with a lazy mother. People in my family look at me now and see that I am more like my mother. I grew up living in my mum’s house.

She was accomplished even before she married my father who had his own things. Imagine growing up like that. But even with everything I have done, I know that I have not started, I still have a long way to go. And I am not the kind of woman that relaxes simply because her husband has it all and provides for her. I chase money daily and I pay bills everyday. I have buildings that I have to maintain and manage. If I am not hardworking my husband would not stay.


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