Caroline Danjuma Addresses Age Fraud Issue Again

Caroline Danjuma has again addressed her age ‘fraud issue’, saying she is actually 35.

Though Google says she is 42 and most of her fans have been following that age. So admitted she isn’t 42 but definitely not 35 saying they have known her over the years to be 35.

Though she responded to some critics via her comment section, immediately she wished herself a happy 35th birthday on Sunday, now, the mom of three felt the urge of actually addressing the whole public, hence her brief statement on her instagram page yesterday.

Sharing a photo of herself, mother and daughter, she says her mom is in her 50s and there’s no way she can be in her 40s.
She also said that people made it late in life, doesn’t mean she is older than her age with all she has achieved.

In fact, read her whole statement by yourself below. She is quite angry about this age issue o.

“Trilogy … this is my mum who is in her 50’s , so how in Gods name will I be 46 ???????? Am I reducing my age because I need a job in a company ?? I am the CEO of mineReducing my age for nollywood ?? An actor can act both young and old roles , makeup can be appliedI am reducing my age because of school ?? I have enough certificates alreadyReducing my age because of relationship ?? A good man will love his woman regardless of her age.

“Reduce my age for your validation? I Don’t GIVE 2 F’ssss about you sugar not everyone in a class are the same age . In secondary school I had people 5 years older than me in my class , in uni my assis rep was 45 years old , in my masters my class rep was 23 and I 34, my MBA I had both young and old …Just because you acted a movie with me does NOT mean we are the same age, you are asking for my birth certificate, have you seen your own mother and fathers birth certificate before?

“That it took you time to achieve something in your life does not mean I have to run your race. We have different glory and destiny…that you started school late and failed entrance exam couple of times is none of my biz , we don’t have the same Iq…stupid people saying they watched me as a kid. I was in the industry for ONLY 2 yrs before my marriage, bomboclat can’t stand my glory.

“Are you aware wiki can be created and edited by ANYONE And not everything on Google is a FACT ?? Even Christ was married on Google… to the clowns talking unintelligently about my age, MIND YOUR BIZ THAT PAYS YOU .. any age, race, class can act a movie .. any one can be a star at any age, no rules to follow yes I am 35 years old and this will be the last time I will address this. I don’t need to be an old woman to achieve anything or be an actress. Success and luck comes to any one when it is their time focus on making money my sparkle will keep hurting your eyes hun.”


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