This Is How To Know When You Are The Side Chic In Your Relationship

Signs You Are The Side Chic In Your Relationship

Sometimes women go into relationships not knowing that they are perhaps ruining another woman’s joy. Because these men lie and do no open up to them, they are completely in the dark until they incidentally come across his wife or main girlfriend.

It is the era of side chicks and we do want you to fall victim of this, hence pay attention to your man’s behaviour, and what he does and if he does any of the things listed below, you may need to run for dear life.

10 Rules You Should Follow To Build Trust In A Relationship

1. He does not open up to you

A guy who is cheating on his girl will hold back on opening up with the other woman. When it comes to sharing his feelings, his hopes, his dreams, and goals; he will shrug his shoulders, or maybe even ignore the questions entirely. He’s not looking to open up with you because honestly, he’s only out for one thing: a little bit of fun on the side.

If the guy you’re seeing seems to be extremely closed off, and he would much rather get physical than talk about your relationship or where he sees things going, it could be a sign that you’re the other woman.

2. He always hides his phone

Have you ever been with a guy who guarded his phone like it was the pathway to heaven? This is usually a sign that a man definitely has something to hide.

When the two of you are together, he will definitely keep an eye out on his phone to make sure his real girlfriend doesn’t call or text him. And if you ever ask to borrow his phone for any reason, he will make up some excuse as to why you can’t even come close to his mobile device.

If you have suspicions that you may be the other woman, you’ve got to get your hands on that phone and see just what your man may be hiding.

3. He refuses to talk about his past

A guy who is hiding a wife or a girlfriend at home will give you a really unbelievable story about his past that doesn’t make any sense. You can start by asking him when his last relationship ended.

At first, he may say he last had a girlfriend six months ago, but then he will later switch up his story and say his last relationship was three months ago. When a guy has secrets and many things to hide, he will try to create a false-life that doesn’t even add up. Your job is to find out just what he is hiding and make him know you are no fool.

4. He is always watching his back

Have you ever been out on a date with someone who was constantly looking over their shoulder, watching their back, shaking in their chair, and always checking their phone?

Well, unless they have a warrant out for their arrest and they’re paranoid that they’re about to get locked up at any moment, this guy is probably afraid that he may run into his girlfriend while he’s out with you!

A guy who is living two lives will want to make sure the coast is clear before you enter any establishment, and even after checking out the whole place, he’ll never be fully relaxed.

5. He does not invite you over to his house

When you are dating someone, it is pretty normal to be curious about their living arrangements. It’s not that you care whether or not he lives alone or with roommates, but you just want to visit his place!

It’s then sad knowing this will never happen if the guy you’re dating is currently in a relationship with someone else. Especially if he lives with his woman, there is no chance you will ever step foot in his abode.

The guy who is living a secret life will try to keep his other woman separate from his real life, and this means she will never come anywhere near where he lives.

6. He does not add you on social media

Social media is a big deal when it comes to dating and relationships, and a guy’s social media activity can say a lot about him, his personal life, and the way he feels about you.

Now that you’ve met someone that you’re really interested in, it’s only normal to want to add them on every social media network known to man but you may never have your friend request accepted.

When a guy is cheating, his social media pages will be on lock down. You won’t be able to see his friends list, his latest updates or his most recent pictures. This is because his pages are probably full of photographs of his real girlfriend! He knows that the second he adds you to social media, you will catch him in his lies.

7. He is never available on holidays

When a guy is in a committed relationship, holidays are already reserved for the woman in his life. So if you are you’re sitting around waiting for him to make plans with you for New Year’s Eve? It’s just not going to happen.

If you’re the other woman, you will never spend holidays with your guy because he will be too busy hanging out with his girlfriend.

He will probably come up with some excuse like he had to work, or his parents made him go out of town with them, He’s clearly playing you, and he’s letting you know that you’re definitely not his main girl

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