Tonte, Tonto Dikeh Dance For Votes On Streets Of Rivers [Photo/Videos]

Tonte, Tonto Dikeh Dance For Votes On Streets Of Rivers

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) Governorship and Dep. Governorship candidates were both on the streets of Rivers state yesterday, were they danced for votes.

In photos and videos shared to social media, the politician and the actress were seen leading their supporters as they danced and sang to win Rivers people to their side come Saturday.

The 2023 Governorship election will come up on the 11th of March, 2023, across Nigeria.

Addressing her supporters and emphasizing on why they should vote for Tonte Ibraye and herself, the actress wrote;

”As we advance towards the election season Across all States in Nigeria I want to urge every Nigerian, especially my good people of Rivers State, not to make the mistake they made before by electing blind leaders into sensitive political offices, including governors. I say this because most of the leaders we have had before don’t understand that the basic responsibility of a governor, the Chief Executive Officer of the State is to see first before managing the resources around him to achieve a set goal. But it’s quite unfortunate that most of these state managers are either blind or they have blurry vision. That is why a state like Rivers State with the capacity and resources to be the California of Africa, still lags as the third largest economy in Nigeria. And we celebrate this mediocrity without shame when we could triple our state economy if only we had leaders who could see the riches and wealth laying latent in the different sectors and untapped industries apart from crude oil.

If the state had good managers as leaders that can see, they would prioritize rightly, I mean they would understand that human capacity building precedes some unnecessary infrastructures like the abandoned monorail projects and the fancy flyovers because the people who are expected to drive their cars through these pathways are still struggling to find their daily bread. People whose state revenue doesn’t reflect in their lives and bank accounts, that’s pathetic. You cannot talk about development in most advanced nations like America’s without mentioning the trillions of dollars the Information Technology & the entertainment industry contributes to the American economy.

And millions of jobs created through private,establishments,like Facebook, Google, Mercedes, apple, and more to reduce the stress of their government. But unfortunately, we still struggle with this because we don’t have State managers who do understand how to manage our human resources.

If we had good state managers as governors that can see,a rich industry like the tourism industry will not be silent in a state like rivers that has over 20 ethnic groups with rich cultural- heritage that could be harnessed by the tourism industry to unify, create jobs, and be an attraction to millions of foreign visitors and investor, hence boosting our state revenue. An example is Carnival of Rio de Janeiro often called “the greatest show on Earth” which received 7 million visitors. As the largest and best-known carnival worldwide, city of Rio de Janeiro received US$875 million in tourism revenues yearly, resulting in a 26% national revenue increase from 2018. What about the Trinidad and Tobago carnival that remains a key component of their national economy, generating thousands of temporary and permanent jobs, and raising approximately US$18.24 million through benefiting sectors as diverse as food, retail, and tourism? So why can’t we harness all this to build bigger?

What do you think will happen to our state and national economy if all these and the sports industry are fully active? Are you aware of the millions of jobs and foreign investments this sporting industry alone will attract and the millions of stars that can emerge from the streets and forgotten corners? The Serena Williams, the tiger hoods, the Usain Bolts, and the mike Tysons?
But here we are still crying about unemployment and poverty when an Olympic-sized stadium is just fading away in our garden city just because we do not have managers that can see the value in the resources around us.

Well, am not saying this to disrespect or undermine the past/ongoing efforts made by our leaders but to urge all of us to make things better, nothing will ever change till we the people change. Hence I and @tonteibraye have set up an economic advisory team with experts from the most advanced countries in the world, to help us cultivate the untapped riches in these unsung sectors, as a way to make every Rivers indigene & resident, a reflection of our rich natural resources, irrespective of his/her field of operation, So we appear as 1st class citizens wherever we go.



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