Flight Attendant ‘R3ped During Stopover’

Flight Attendant ‘R3ped During Stopover’

A British Airways flight attendant was allegedly r3ped in her hotel room during a stopover in Barbados, MailOnline reveals.

The woman had spent the evening drinking with crew members on the Caribbean island when a man who she knew had joined the group. She later invited the man, who lives on the island, back to her room, it’s understood.

Once there the man r3ped her, according to her statement to local police who have since said they are ‘actively investigating’ the allegation – and that the assailant faces arrest.

The stewardess’s BA flight back to Heathrow from Barbados’s Grantley Adams airport was delayed by 14 hours.

A spokesman for Barbados Police told MailOnline they are actively looking for the alleged r3pist – understood to be known by the victim – who is believed to be an expat who lives on the island.

‘This is an active investigation after an allegation of r3pe was made by a member of the British Airways crew,’ said Assistant Commissioner Jefferson Clark.

‘We know the identity of the man and where he lives, but he is not home. It is a small island, and we will locate him. He is a Caucasian so most likely an expat.’

Barbados Police later said a person of interest in the alleged r3pe was being questioned.

The BA flight attendant has remained on the island while the investigation is carried out.


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