TRENDING VIDEO: Man shouting ‘Obidients! Tinubu can’t be sworn in’ kicked out of Plane


A yet-to-be identified man was
bundled out of a Lagos-bound plane from Abuja for allegedly posing as a
security threat to other air passengers.


It is reported that the incident
happened on Friday, March 31, when the man started alluding on top of his voice
that president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, mustn’t be sworn in as president come
May 29.


This disturbed the other
passengers as they wondered why such callousness should be tolerated in public.
They demanded that security officers took him off the plane if he couldn’t be
civil. In a trending video, one of the passengers can be heard saying, “I
thought they were going to the courts, why is he di§turbing the peace of others
on this flight? Please, he’s a security thr£at. Take him off the plane.”


A source reports, “This happened
on the flight from Abuja to Lagos on Ibom Air. 
A middle aged/elderly man entered the plane. He stood there in the
middle of the plane and raised his voice saying, ‘you all are sitting here and
Tinubu is about to be sworn in as President’. He said, ‘lai lai, Tinubu must
never be sworn in. He must never be President etc.‘


Security men had to be called
into the plane to bundle him off. The plane that was meant to leave around 6 pm
as at 7pm they were yet to leave. Wonders shall never end in this Nigeria.”


However, as security operatives
tried to escort him off the plane, the hijacker posed a resistance and he was
dragged out of the plane and continually screamed, “Obidients! Obidients! Obidients!.”




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