Pro-Tinubu group to youths: Don’t be used by anti-democratic forces to cause trouble


A support group of Bola Tinubu, president-elect, known as
Disciples of Justice, has asked the youths not to allow themselves to be used
by “anti-democratic forces” to cause trouble ahead of May 29.


Tinubu is expected to be sworn in as president of the country
on May 29.


Recently, the Department of State Services (DSS) said there
is a plan to install an interim government and prevent Tinubu from being sworn


Addressing a press conference in Abuja, on Wednesday,
Abdulhakeem Alawuje, the group’s chairman, said anyone calling for an interim
government is anti-democratic.


 “We can not be
celebrating illegality. Anyone calling for the interim government is
anti-democratic. Nigerians have given their mandate to Asiwaju and on May 29,
he will be sworn in. Nothing will stop his inauguration,” Alawuje said.


“We urge Nigerian youths not to allow themselves to be used
by anti-democratic forces to cause trouble. Tinubu is capable and fit to turn
things around.”


On his part, Ibrahim Bello, a former house of
representatives member and member of the group, said citizens should not allow
religious and ethnic sentiments to “destroy what will be difficult to undo”.


 “Let us all calm down
and return to our real senses. In every contest, there must always be a winner
and a loser; but with maturity and understanding, everyone will become
victorious,” Bello said.


“The losers should take courage to congratulate the winner
and be ready to work with the winner to move the country forward. Nigeria is bigger
than the interest of anyone.


“The youths who want to be leaders of the same country
tomorrow should also remember that if they allow the desperado politicians to
use them to destroy their today and tomorrow, they will have no tomorrow


The former lawmaker said Tinubu should be ready to become a
father to every citizen.


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