7 Tips To Improve Your Concentration

How To Improve Concentration

In a world in which something is constantly flashing, ringing, vibrating, and buzzing, people’s concentration is somewhat compromised. But how can we combat this? So you do not get too easily distracted from playing

The smartphone vibrates, the notification from the email inbox sounds, and the wristwatch rings: Even the smallest distractions can disrupt concentration. At the same time, small changes can improve it in the blink of an eye.

Here are some tricks for you.

1. Divide work into stages

According to experts, a number of tips can help improve concentration, regardless of genetic predisposition. One of them is to divide work into stages. If you divide your task into smaller to-dos, you’ll feel a sense of achievement more quickly – and you’ll be more willing to concentrate longer and better. For example, someone who has to write a term paper or a presentation will achieve better results with individual chapters as a target than someone who merely defines an approximate goal of finishing.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to writing tasks: Less writing-intensive to-dos offer other opportunities for subdivision. For example, someone painting an apartment might set a goal of painting the bedroom and living room on one day and the hallway and bathroom on another.

2. Take regular breaks

The second tip is to take sufficient and regular breaks. The important thing here is not to compulsively adhere to breaks by the alarm clock. It is more important to plan the breaks with regard to the structure of the task. It is also important what one does during the breaks. If the stimuli provided during breaks are too similar to the task at hand, there is a risk that it will be even harder to concentrate afterward, experts say. In the home office, for example, it’s a good idea to water the flowers, get up or take out the trash.

3. Keep long-term goals in mind

Furthermore, it helps to keep in mind what you are doing a task for. Many to-dos are so small-scale that it is easy to lose sight of the “big picture. Visualizing one’s long-term goals can therefore help concentration, as people are able to see a deeper meaning even in monotonous tasks.

4. Allow as few distractions as possible

Also important: allow as few distractions as possible. The smartphone in particular is a risk to our concentration, explains von Hopfgarten. One study showed that concentration can be reduced if the smartphone is only in the field of vision. So the fourth tip in short is: If possible, clear the smartphone out of your own field of vision and turn off notifications.

5. Get enough sleep

Tip number five is to get enough sleep: fatigue is the concentration killer par excellence. However, if the effort to always get enough sleep is in turn associated with stress, this could have the opposite effect.

6. Choose challenging tasks

It also helps to look for reasonably challenging tasks. However, this presupposes that you have a choice. Studies have shown that it is easier to concentrate on tasks that are cognitively challenging, says the biologist. Therefore, it is sometimes more difficult to concentrate on tasks that are cognitively challenging.

7. Zeigarnik effect: Complete tasks

The seventh tip she advises is to start a new task only when the old one has been completed. She refers to the so-called Zeigarnik effect. She says that unfinished tasks are better remembered than those that have been completed.

If you work a lot on the computer, for example, you should think about deactivating notifications from your e-mail inbox while you are working on a task. Since it is already distracting if you only receive one email. After all, you don’t want to forget to answer the email. So you keep thinking about it throughout the day. As a consequence, the future task (answering the email) has gained attention that should actually go to the current task. This in turn reduces the concentration for the current task.

In general, it is advisable – also because of the tip to allow as few distractions as possible – to think about closing the e-mail inbox completely when completing a task.

So now it is up to you to follow these tips and integrate them into your daily life. You can even recommend them to a friend. Because one thing is for sure you are not alone in being sometimes unable to focus. Distraction is very much common. Given the rise of smartphones and the development of new technologies. It can happen that you do not feel alone at all although you need time for yourself. You will feel better once you put your phone aside and just enjoy being with yourself.

Also, put it away when you are with friends or family.

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