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The Unexpected Visitor | House Keepers Series Ep 106 |Mark Angel Comedy

The Unexpected Visitor | House Keepers Series Ep 106  |Mark Angel Comedy

Prepare to laugh out loud with MarkAngelComedy’s hilarious new video, "Unwanted Guest Demands Millions – Can Mark Save the Day?!" In this side-splitting episode, Mark finds himself in a sticky situation when his oga and madam surprise him with 2 million naira. Little does he know, the madam’s ex-fiancé arrives with a gun, demanding the money. Now, Mark must come up with a solution to save the day. Will he suggest his oga pays the robber, or will he propose loaning the money to his oga with interest? Watch to find out! This comedy sketch is filled with laughter, funny moments, and MarkAngelComedy’s signature humor. Don’t miss this entertaining video that will leave you in stitches!

00:00 – Introduction and celebration of winning 2 million naira
00:09 – Discussion about how to distribute the money
00:23 – Agreement to give 10% to an agent and keep the rest
01:03 – Decision to keep the money and start a new life
01:27 – Request to Mark to use the 1.8 million naira wisely
02:06 – Interruption by a person at the door
02:27 – Arrival of a visitor from the church
02:32 – Confusion about the visitor’s identity
03:04 – Introduction of the visitor as an ex-boyfriend
03:39 – Discussion about whether the ex-boyfriend should be allowed in
04:27 – Ex-boyfriend’s entry into the house
04:54 – Ex-boyfriend’s intention to tell a story
05:15 – Interruption by another person at the door
05:41 – Arrival of the gate man with news about the 2 million naira
06:30 – Discussion about the amount of money to pay for damages
07:27 – Request for 5 million naira as compensation
09:20 – Discussion about the 10 million naira demand
10:52 – Invitation to the kitchen for food
11:31 – Fanning activity in the kitchen
12:01 – Attempt to retrieve the money from outside the window
14:17 – Return to the house with the money
14:52 – Threat to shoot if the money is not handed over
15:22 – Explanation that the money was borrowed and will be repaid with interest
16:08 – Farewell to the visitor and discussion about paying back the borrowed money


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