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When Your EX Comes Back With Amadioha | House Keepers Series Ep 107 |Mark Angel Comedy

When Your EX Comes Back With Amadioha | House Keepers Series Ep 107 |Mark Angel Comedy

Get ready for another hilarious episode of MarkAngelComedy! In "When Your EX Comes Back With Amadioha: The Shocking Revelation," Mark finds himself in a sticky situation when his ex-girlfriend shows up demanding for money. As tensions rise and chaos ensues, prepare to laugh out loud at the comical exchanges and unexpected twists. This skit is filled with laughter, witty banter, and the signature humor that MarkAngelComedy is known for. Join Mark and the rest of the cast as they navigate through this outrageous situation. Don’t miss out on the fun! Watch now and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt. #MarkAngelComedy #Comedy #Funny #WhenYourEXComesBack #Amadioha #Hilarious

00:01 – Introduction and conversation about locking the door
00:10 – Discussion about borrowing money and a potential theft
00:29 – Suspicion of the husband locking the door and asking for money
00:45 – Accusations and arguments about the theft and blame
01:09 – Apologies and attempts to reconcile
01:16 – Interruption and plea for forgiveness
01:22 – Continued apologies and discussion about the situation
02:25 – Mark talking in a low tune
02:33 – Discussion about buying a TV
02:47 – Confusion about the TV price and conversation about buying a remote
03:06 – Argument about borrowing money and paying it back
03:30 – Mention of bringing money to pay back the debt
04:22 – Mention of a previous episode and the desire to shoot someone
04:27 – Accusation of wanting to shoot someone and argument about blame
04:54 – Accusations and arguments about allowing an ex to enter the house
05:35 – Argument about playing love and feeding the ex
05:59 – Mention of going to the police station and a complaint about a young man
06:12 – Discussion about the theft and the need to report it to the police
06:32 – Mention of the amount of money stolen and the desire to retrieve it
07:24 – Mention of Mr. Base 10 and showing a picture of the ex
07:44 – Confirmation of the young man’s identity and discussion about his release
08:02 – Request for the young man to sign an undertaking to stay away from the house
08:22 – Discussion about the importance of the undertaking and the young man’s behavior
09:48 – Conversation about buying a chair and a TV
10:14 – Discussion about selling the house
10:22 – Argument about buying the house and the involvement of the ex
11:09 – Meeting with the D.P.O. at the police station
11:34 – Discussion about the arrest of the ex and the recovery of the stolen money
12:25 – Argument about the ownership of the properties and the payment of the bride price
14:05 – Discussion about the rumors of owning 2 million and the need to clarify the situation
15:20 – Arrival of Dammy and argument about the payment of 5 million
17:31 – Threats and demands for payment
18:03 – Sending of money and instructions to leave the house
18:35 – Final warning and instructions to leave the house immediately


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