Asake reveals why he bears a woman’s name

Famous Nigerian singer, ASAKE has revealed why he actually bears a woman’s name.

ASAKE is a name of a female in Yoruba land.

Asake reveals why he bears a woman's name
Asake reveals why he bears a woman’s name

Many have wondered why that has come to be, and now we know why.

The singer during an interview with Pause Magazine’s Autium 2023 edition, made the great revelation.

According to him, ASAKE is actually his mother’s name!

He disclosed he was in a cultural group while growing up, and people called him Omo Asake (his mother’s son). Then later on, they started calling him ASAKE and removed the OMO (Child).

He said he felt cool with the name, especially when he grew up and had to be on his own. So he let the name be.

His words; “My stage name is actually my mother’s. While I was in the cultural group, people used to call me ‘omo Asake,’ which means child of Asake in Yoruba. And after a while, it just stuck. People stopped adding the ‘omo’ and left ‘Asake.’ I thought it was cool and decided to go by it.”

He also disclose he would keep singing in Yoruba.

“It is very important to me, and I am not going to lose it. It is what has brought me this far, and I continue to keep it that way,” he said.

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