Tinubu not parading female certificate, Onoh mocks critics


President Bola Tinubu’s image maker in the south East, Dr.
Josef Onoh has taken a swipe at critics who have gone to town claiming that the
Nigeria President’s certificate released by the Chicago State University
certificate bears the mark of a female graduate other than President Tinubu who
is a man.


According to Onoh, the opposition persons making the false
claim of female ownership of the certificate are ignorant of the Federal law
under the Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) which gives Tinubu the
right to ask to have his education records corrected if he believes them to be


“So it’s a simple issue of applying for correction,” he


Onoh stated that even in Nigeria, there is room for such
correction if spotted by any certificate bearer, noting that Tinubu’s critics
are drowning political gamblers looking for anything to hold on to against the
president after they were defeated at the March 18 presidential election poll.


He precisely lampooned the Presidential candidates of the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar and the Labour Party, Mr. Peter
Obi for dissipating so much energy, causing embarrassment for Nigeria and
distraction for President Tinubu in making progress with his renewed hope


Onoh described as fake news the story in the opposition
quarters that the released CSU certificate belonged to a female owner, arguing
that those struggling to pull down President Tinubu would always look for an
excuse to remain in the consciousness, even at a wrong side of it.


Onoh said: “Tinubu was an outstanding student when he was in
the university and all through his university career, he identified as a Man,
even in his university yearbook, his picture shows that the Tinubu in question
is a man. All letters addressed to him from the Chicago University always
referred to him as Mr. Tinubu and not Miss Tinubu. So, that thing is clearly an
error and nothing much to make noise about. Go and verify.


“It’s not a big deal. Nigerians with their qualifications,
university degrees, cannot say that they have never come across an error, even
in the spelling of their names, but when these errors are observed, its normal,
it does not invalidate the certificate, it does not make it a false documents,
it does not invalidate the relevance of the certificate, because the owner of
the certificate has the right to have such errors corrected.


“So the noise of trying to show that President Tinubu’s
certificate is fake is actually a pursuit in futility because they have lost
every other angle to hold on to. The world is not ruled by emotion but by
substance and it’s unfortunate that some gullible Nigerians have been deceived
by a pure water manufacturer and a Tomato paste importer.”


“All that remains for the opposition is to secure a court
order requesting for the CTC of the President’s restaurant bill during his
visit in Paris and claim it was fake and not issued by the waiter or waitress.


“I had earlier warned and offered free education to Atiku
and his Hollywood wannabe US lawyer of the implications of his fishing
adventure, position of the law and emphasized he will meet an empty dinner
table when he returns. Today he has expended his energy on a wild goose chase
and the data of multitude of emotional driven gullible Nigerians. Now you know
why Tinubu is called the “JAGABAN”.

 “I urge both Atiku
(Daddy cool) and H.E. Peter Obi to come let’s work together with Mr. President
and build our great nation for we remain one nation, one destiny.”


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