‘N120m can’t buy character’ — broadcaster slams Ilebaye for being ‘disrespectful’

 Charles Born, the
media personality, has called out Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of the Big
Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) All-Stars, for allegedly being disrespectful.

Ilebaye defeated all
other housemates to win the grand prize of N120 million at the BBNaija finale
on October 1.

Since her win, the reality star has been on media rounds.

But in a recent Instagram
live session
, Charles narrated his recent encounter with the
22-year-old reality TV star.

The TV presenter said their production team had started
filming Pere and Adekunle when Ilebaye arrived on set.

He said Ilebaye became “upset” and decided to “leave after
waiting for a short while, despite efforts to calm her down”.

Charles described Ilebaye’s actions as “disrespectful and
nasty”, adding that there are “consequences for every action” in the
entertainment industry.

The broadcaster also slammed Ilebaye, saying “N120 million
can get you a lot of things but it cannot get you character”.

“We had started filming Pere and Adekunle when Ilebaye
arrived. I did not know but we were informed that Ilebaye was outside waiting,”
he said.

“After we were done, Ilebaye said she was upset that we kept
her waiting. She arrived on set when we were filming two people. There was no
way we were going to cut what we were doing to bring her on set.

“She said, in her words, ‘how dare we keep her waiting? What
rubbish is that?’ Her chaperone kept begging her, but she wasn’t budging.

 “Myself and my
producer got off set to talk to her but before stepping out, she had driven
off. I was really upset because this was very disrespectful.

“She did not ask to see the presenters or producers, she
just got upset and left. I also have a life, the producers and the production
company have a life.

“You can choose to react however you want but there are
consequences for every action. It is a very small industry, you can’t be that
nasty to anybody no matter what it is.

“I did not think waiting was enough reason for her to up and
leave. For me, it was disrespectful, it was a spite to the production company,
it was an insult to me, my co-host and my producer and it was a slap on our

 “It simply means she
was telling us: “fuck you, I don’t care about you and I’m going to do whatever
the fuck I want to do.” That is exactly what she said to us by leaving.

“N120 million can get you a lot of things but it can’t get
you character. And what sustains you in this industry and in life is good



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