Israel-Hamas: ‘We are bewildered!’ – MURIC tackles Adeboye, gives three prayer points

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC has asked given a three
prayer points to the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God
(RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye over the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine
in Gaza.


The Executive Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, in a
statement issued on Saturday, noted that, instead of praying for Israel
specifically,  Pastor Adeboye should
rather pray for the whole world.


Akintola urged Pastor Adeboye to pray for the failure of
oppressors between Israel and Palestine over the ongoing war in Gaza.


Recall that Adeboye had earlier declared support for Israel
in the ongoing war between the Zionist nation and Palestine.


In a video message via his X handle, the RCCG General
Overseer said he would be praying for Israel to be victorious.


The statement reads, “We have been reliably informed that
the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch
Adeboye has declared support for Israel in the ongoing war between the Zionist
nation and Palestine. He also said he was praying for Israel to be victorious.


“We are bewildered that a religious leader of Pastor
Adeboye’s standing can ignore the sufferings of a people who have been under
occupation, siege, arbitrary arrests, long imprisonments accompanied with
severe torture, family separations, demolition of homes without warning,
extra-judicial killings on a daily basis and the most horrendous dehumanization
and violation of fundamental human rights. 


“Nigerians must therefore realise that the conflict between
Israel and Palestine is not rooted in religion but in land-grabbing. That is
why Nigerians should not exchange hostilities over the conflict in the Middle
East. We should not be divided along religious lines. Good Muslims and good
Christians should continue to interact, love and share. 


“The Palestinians know that the Israelis are not Christians
and they are not fighting Israel on grounds of religion. They are merely
defending themselves and asserting their fundamental human rights after being
under zionist occupation for 75 years.


“Instead of praying for Israel’s victory specifically, we
invite Pastor Adeboye to pray for failure for the oppressor between Israel and
Palestine. He should pray for an end to slavery and apartheid in the Middle
East and in other parts of the world. Finally, he should pray for peace in
Nigeria and the world as a whole.


“On these three prayer points, therefore, we pour out our
hearts. We humble ourselves before the Almighty Creator. Oh God of All Nations,
the Invincible, God the Invissible, God the All-Knowing, God the King of Kings,
the Judge of all judges, the Most Powerful of all powers, we call upon You
today that You ensure that failure shall be the portion of whoever is the
oppressor between Israel and Palestine. We pray for peace in Nigeria and the
world at large.


 “All we are asking
our G. O. to do is to join us as we say ‘Amen’ to those prayers. It will be
enough for the G. O. to tweet the same prayer to Nigerians so that they may be
convinced that he has no intention of backing the oppressor.”


“As we speak, 1,800 Palestinians have been killed, more than
6,000 have been wounded and there are no drugs to treat them. Gaza medical
facilities have been stretched to their limit. Half of Gaza is already in


 “1,300 Israelis have
died and a few hundreds wounded but the injured ones in Israel are receiving
medical attention whereas the Palestinians have had no food, no water, no fuel
and no electricity for six days. Children and pregnant women are among the
Palestinian victims deprived of essential facilities.


“In the midst of this colossal human catastrophe, we are
miffed that Pastor Adeboye is praying for a country with a powerful military
that locked up all exits of a weaker country that has no standing army and no
single fighting aircraft, bombards it for six days and it is now preparing for
a ground assault, to be victorious in its bloodthirsty drive for a pogrom.


“Tramadolised religiousity in arrogant ignorance has always
been a major problem of Nigerians. Adeboye is praying for the extermination of
poor Palestinians without knowing that thousands of Christians are most likely
to be victims of the massacre inside the same Gaza.


 “Palestine has a
population of 12 million people and Christians constitute 7% of that figure,
about 840,000. How is Adeboye certain that the merciless bombing and leveling
of whole neighbourhoods has not killed many Christians already in Gaza? How is
he sure that the coming gruesome ground assault will not affect any of the


“Compared to the number of Christians in Palestine,
Christian population in Israel is a meager 185,000 which is just 1.9% of
Israel’s 9.3 million people. This means that contrary to the belief of many
Nigerians, the Israelis are not Christians. Also, the population of Muslims in
Israel is 1.7 million, representing 18% of the total population.  This also means there are more Muslims in Israel
than Christians.” 


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