VIDEO: I’m sad, need help – Nigerian lady weeps over loneliness in Canada

A Nigerian lady, with the name Sylvia Obianuju Chikwendu on TikTok, broke down in tears as she recounted the loneliness she has been enduring since her relocation to Canada.

In a video posted on her TikTok handle on Saturday, Chikwendu said she missed her life, family and has become sad and needed help.

In a video shared on her TikTok handle, which has now gone viral, Chikwendu was weeping profusely while expressing the loneliness she felt.

“I feel so lonely, I felt like I would never have someone to have this conversation with…” she said in the video.

She also wrote, “I’m so sad, I miss my life and my family. I feel invincible, I’m hurting all the time, I feel like I’m just existing. I need help.”

In her video, she said, “People don’t tell you about moving to Canada. I feel so lonely. I feel like I live with someone I can’t have a conversation with. I’m trying to cry and I have to be silent about it.

“You just lose out on so many things. Your life, you just leave it behind. You have to work all the time and you have school. I’m so sad.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians massively poured out words of encouragement to her to adapt to her new life, while some said they preferred such a life to be in Nigeria.

In a fresh video, she thanked Nigerians who have reached out to her for their kindness.


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