Charles Okocha, Portable clash over ‘N20m’


Charles Okocha, the Nollywood star, has addressed the recent
allegation levelled against him by Portable, the controversial singer.

Portable had earlier accused the actor of refusing to pay
him N20 million after an endorsement deal.


He claimed Okocha was paid N40 million but the actor refused
to give him his own share of the money.


Reacting in a video shared via Instagram, Okocha said
Portable had reached out to him for “friendship”.


The actor said he would later invite Portable to an event
because he “wanted to help a brother”.


Okocha claimed the singer did nothing at the event but only
“came to have fun with your crew and your wife”.


He said no agreements were signed and that he “transferred a
whopping N5 million” to Portable after the event.


 “Portable keep my
name out of your damn mouth. I don’t do clout chasing, but it got to my notice
that I needed to clear the atmosphere,” he said.


“I heard one n**ga, ‘Zazu’ or whatever, using my name for
clout, saying all types of sh*t. Bro, in the first place, you told me that you
wanted us to be friends and that nobody wanted to help you.


“Then, like a father will look at his son, I said okay, and
we became friends. I had an event and I invited you to come over.


“I took you there for two nights and after everything, I
transferred a whopping N5 million to you when you were leaving.

 “The next thing you
have to do is be disloyal. In the first place, did we sign any agreements? Was
there any agreement as regards that? There is no agreement. I just helped a


“You did nothing. You just came to have fun with your crew
and your wife. I am a responsible man with two phenomenal kids.


“I have built this brand for a couple of years. You can’t
come out and taint my image. I have got a reputation to maintain, so I need to
come out and clear the air”.


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