‘I dare you to mention my name’ | ‘You’re m@d’ — Iyabo Ojo, Lizzy Anjorin clash

Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin, the Nollywood actresses, have
engaged in a heated war of words on social media.


In the past few months, Anjorin has conducted a series of
Instagram live sessions, where she verbally attacked Iyabo in expletive-laden


Anjorin alleged that Iyabo is the individual behind a
well-known yet shadowy blog. She also claimed Iyabo is aware of the
circumstances surrounding the death of Mohbad, the singer.


In her reaction, Iyabo dared Anjorin to call her out
directly, rather than throw thinly veiled digs at her.

She also said she would prefer they head to court rather
than engage in back-and-forth confrontations on social media.


“This is not a show for her because I will not stage a show
for you but this is me daring her. I hardly watch all the videos that she has
done but I have seen clips of accusations that she has made,” she said.


“But the only issue I have with her is that I cannot go back
and forth with her on social media. I would want to go back and forth with her
with the law.


“So I would like you guys to help me tag Lizzy Anjorin and
tell her I said ‘Sepeteri is actually a village in Nigeria, not my name’.
Whatever name she has given me, I would appreciate that if she wants to make
her allegations, she should be bold enough to mention my name.


“My name is Alice Iyabo Ojo so Lizzy Anjorin, your allegations
saying I am Gistlover, saying I was involved in Mohbad’s death. All your
allegations that you have brought forth.


“Everything that you have said about my children. All your
allegations that you said about my man, I have seen the videos. But the only
problem I have is you are not mentioning my name. So I am daring you to mention
my name.”


Anjorin, however, fired back at Iyabo in another Instagram
live session.


 “I should mention her
name, you all are m@d. Mention whose name, you all are m@d. You cannot be using
court or police station to threaten me. Do you know what we have gone through
on social media? Madness is in your DNA,” she said.


“So I should mention her name so they can settle our fight.
If they settle the fight, how does the dead child get justice? Wear your black
bonnet if you are serious. If you are innocent, you do need to tell anybody to
mention your name, you come with your receipt.”



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