I was angry with God when my mum died in 2005, says Bimbo Odukoya’s daughter


Tobi, the daughter of Bimbo and Taiwo Odukoya, the founder
of Fountain of Life Church, says she questioned her faith in God when she lost
her mum 18 years ago.


Bimbo died in the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash which occurred
in Port Harcourt, the Rivers capital.


December 10, marked 18 years since the incident which
claimed the lives of 106 people, with only two survivors.


Odukoya also passed away on August 7, 2023, in the United


Recounting her losses in an Instagram post on Sunday, Tobi
said she struggled with her faith in God and blamed Him for Bimbo’s death.


She said her mum’s death made it “difficult to find joy in
the things of God”.


“I was 15 when I lost my mum, and for the years that
followed, I struggled with my faith. I was angry with God. I blamed Him for
what happened. I found it difficult to find joy in the things of God, and in my
heart, I turned away from Him, My anger prevented me from processing my loss
during that time,” she said.

Tobi said her perspective of God, however, changed when she
lost her dad this year.


She said she learnt that while blaming God was a natural
reaction to loss, “it did a huge disservice to my healing”.


“18 years later, I lost my dad. This time around my grief
process felt different. For one, I had learned that while blame was a natural
reaction to loss, it did a huge disservice to my healing. Blame changed my
perspective of God. I saw him as unjust and this made it difficult to
experience His goodness,” she added.


“Deciding to believe God is good in all things helped spark
a curiosity in me to find His goodness in the loss of my dad. I would sit in
silence as worship music played and listen out for the voice of God to help me
work through my grief. I experienced God’s comfort. He gave me peace.”



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