Adeboye sat on new chair, not monarch’s throne — RCCG

The Redeemed Christian Church of God has faulted claims that its General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, sat on a monarch’s throne during a recent event in Oyo State.

RCCG, in a statement, clarified that the chair Adeboye sat on during the event was a new chair and not the monarch’s seat as being insinuated on social media and in some media reports.

There was a viral photo on social media with  Adeboye sitting on a royal chair with some people condemning the monarch for allowing it.

Also, the monarch involved, the Olugbon of Orile-Igbon in Oyo State, Oba Francis Alao, on Monday, clarified that the chair Adeboye sat on was one of the royal chairs used by high-ranking dignitaries and not the one for his throne.

The RCCG, in a statement, explained that the chair used by Adeboye at the event had never been used by any individual.

“The seat on the altar was brand new. No other King or individual had sat on the seat before,” the RCCG clarified.

The statement added, “It has been brought to our attention that Pastor EA Adeboye supposedly asked a King to vacate his throne so he could sit on it. This is false!

“Pastor EA Adeboye was going to minister from the altar and there was a chair which was the only chair prepared for him which was already placed there.

“At no point during his time at the ministration did he ask any of the Kings to vacate their throne for him to sit on. The seat on the altar was brand new.  No other King or individual had sat on the seat before!

“Pastor EA Adeboye truly respects and honours the traditional chiefs & traditional rulers in our nation. He honours them, holds them in high regard and would not do anything at all to demean them.

“Pastor EA Adeboye appeals to all those who are fabricating and spreading various false comments. Pastor Adeboye does not consider himself ‘God’! He did not and would never displace any person from his throne for him to sit down.”

The monarch had, in an earlier statement, wrote, “As a mark of honour, I offered one of the ceremonial royal chairs that are usually reserved for top dignitaries to Pastor Adeboye to be used at the programme.

“It should be noted that the chair is not the particular one that is reserved for the Olugbon which can not be shared with anyone because of its spiritual and historical significance.

“The royal chairs are provided in palaces to honour high-ranking dignitaries, not to desecrate the throne.”


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