Akeredolu didn’t manage his wife well — Ex-aide


Dr. Doyin Odebowale, a former Senior Special Assistant on
Special Duties and Strategies to late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu said matters
involving his wife, Betty were not well managed by the late governor.


Odebowale, in a viral video, said, “Aketi was weakling, he
would have called his wife to order especially when she was saying per
adventure. I would have sent her away.


”Her outburst was unAfrican. What point was she proving. I
know Aketi was not sleeping with anybody. Even from Ibadan I knew that. But
these people were peddling influence.


“Aketi rejected many Chieftaincy titles. He stuck to
Arakunrin. Those that made allegations of forgery should bring out the
documents and show who collected the money.


“I was making money for the state and they were spending it.
I made Doctors to resign because they were collecting double salary. People
were retiring but wage bill was still going up.


“In the Health Management board, doctors were travelling
abroad but the state was unable to employ because they were collecting double


“If Babajide and his mother were found to have stolen money,
send them to jail.


“All of you members of cabinet who were unknown political
entities until Mrs. Akeredolu and her son nominated you.


“It was Babajide and his mother who submitted the name of
the Commissioner, Rasaq Obe, who is now going about to tell the world he paid
to be made a Commissioner.


“He challenged Obe to tell the world how much he paid to the
former First Lady and her son for his name to be submitted.


 “Come out and tell
the world how you became more important than those in Ifedore who has been with
Aketi since 2012.


Odebowale said that “You are now telling the world because
you are quarrelling with Babajide over diesel supply. I have more to say after
Aketi has been buried.”


Meanwhile, Odebowale, has explained what led to the feud
between Governor Aiyedatiwa and Akeredolu.


Odebowale, said the late Akeredolu, would not listened to
anybody who spoke against Aiyedatiwa before they fell apart.


He said, “Aketi will alway shut you down. The mistrust
between Aiyedatiwa and Akeredolu started when it was found that a female aide
to Akeredolu’s wife had been sharing confidential information about Akeredolu’s
health with Aiyedatiwa.


The former Special Assistant, alleged that “the woman was
scheming to become deputy governor after the death of Akeredolu.


“Where is the woman now, She is with Lucky. What infuriated
the First lady at that time that she decided to misbehave was the fact that
while this woman was pretending to be with Aketi, she was getting information
about the state of health of Aketi and was ingratiatng herself towards Lucky.


“She was seeing Lucky. She will not talk to Lucky but they were
seeing in Abuja.


“She was scheming to be deputy governor in case Aketi dies.
That was the genesis of the mistrust between Aketi and Lucky. Aketi never
listened to anybody who spoke against Lucky.


“He will shut you down. Aketi will sit from morning till
night signing useless files from these people who are now talking about


“Aketi mismanaged his health. The perfidy of many of his
aides was unrivalled. They won’t allow him rest, they won’t allow him sleep.


“He took ill and the next thing is when will he die? People
started holding meetings against the man who never offended them. I will talk
about Babajide once Aketi is buried.


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