Portable calls out MC Oluomo’s associate Koko Zaria over ‘affair’ with baby mama


Portable, the controversial singer, has called out Ganiyu
Oyedepo, the socialite fondly called Koko Zaria, for allegedly having an affair
with Keji, his estranged baby mama.


In December 2022, Portable welcomed a child with Keji.


The singer was, however, said to have sent her away last
year after the pair made several allegations against each other.


Last week, Portable performed at the Oshodi Day carnival in


Koko Zaria, an associate of Musiliu ‘MC Oluomo’ Akinsanya,
the Lagos state park management chairman, was also present at the carnival.


There were rumours that Koko Zaria took Keji to the


But in a recent Instastory rant, Portable accused Koko Zaria
of having an affair with his baby mama.


He also claimed Keji has been taking his son with her
anytime she wants to see her lover.


Portable pleaded with MC Oluomo to tell Koko Zaria to return
his son back to him.


The singer also threatened to beat up Koko Zaria if he
failed to return his son to him within seven days.


“We used to tell those ladies that are fond of selling out
their bodies. You can see now. They are having sex with you but cannot buy you
Oshodi Day clothes. Only ankara they cannot buy for you. You are seeking out
your body to Koko Zaria. Why did you put yourself to shame? At least they will
give you ankara to package you. They can only buy ankara for a housewife, not a
prostitute,” he said.


 “Please I beg you in
God’s name, I am no longer with her, but let her give me my child. Ńa me get
pikin. Give the child to the father. No wonder whenever the picture of my son
is being posted Koko Zaria usually comments. Are you the owner of the child? Do
you want to die? If I lay hold of you, You will get boils all over your face. I
will beat you to a stupor. If you do something we will do something. If you
shoot something, we will also shoot something. I took my housewives to Oshodi,
but the prostitute was not putting on Ankara.


“My other wives, please know what you are doing. You are
staying because you are enjoying money.


“I am less concerned if they take my wife. But no one can
take my son away. The son I did his naming ceremony. You Koko Zaria now brought
her home and tried to sleep with her. You will be acting nanny before you have
sex with her.


“You brought my son to a party. I have never taken any of my
children to a party. Koko Zaria, you are not responsible. You are taking a
one-year-old child to a party. Why did you comment under my son’s page?


 “Tell Koko Zaria, if
you pass me by check your back. We are only respecting you because of MC
Oluomo. Just tell them to give me my son. In seven days if my son does not get
to me, Koko Zaria will be touched. I have charms. I am from Sango. No one can
take my son away from me. I found out about the secret when I visited the
Oshodi Day carnival.


“MC Oluomo, I beg you, please help me tell Koko Zaria to
give me back my son within seven days. Akorede must be returned to me.”


Keji is said to be the singer’s third baby mama.


In June 2022, Portable welcomed his second child with
Omobewaji Ewatomi, one of his baby mamas.


The 29-year-old singer had earlier revealed he plans to have
up to 12 wives before he clocks 40.


“I never reach 30, I don get six wives and plenty children.
Before I reach 40, my housewives would be up to a dozen (12). I am not 30 and I
already have six. I just want to inform you so you would be aware,” he had


Last year, the singer was in the news over a rumoured affair
with the wife of Lamidi Adeyemi, the late Alaafin of Oyo.



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