The new Nigeria under Tinubu

 By Fredrick Nwabufo

The new Nigeria under President
Bola Tinubu is one not shackled by atavism, dogma, and primordialism. It is a
Nigeria defined by the purest ideals of fairness, equality, and justice. It is
a Nigeria run on the eternal H20 of unity, purpose, and shared vision. It is a
Nigeria of immense promise.


President Tinubu has been
relentless in spreading the pollens of positivity, unity, and truth,
fecundating minds and thoughts and mobilising consciences towards his vision.
Leadership must possess the facility to inspire trust for the collective
vision, and this agency the administration is galvanising. During the Christmas
holidays, on different platforms, the president dispatched his accustomed
statesmanship and statescraftship. He held seminal meetings where he reiterated
his vision for a united and prosperous Nigeria.


Speaking at the Ansar-Ud-Deen
Central Mosque in Surulere, Lagos, on December 22, 2023, where he went to
observe Jumaat prayers marking the centennial anniversary of the Ansar-Ud-Deen
Society of Nigeria (ADS), the president reaffirmed his avowed essence,
declaring that he would always be fair to all Nigerians and that his
administration remained committed to advancing the unity of Nigeria, as well as
ensuring the welfare and prosperity of all citizens.


”We are committed to enthroning a
better society for our citizens irrespective of ethnic, religious, or
geographical differences. The various policies already in place are expected to
bring great succour to our people. We know their pains, and we are addressing
them holistically,” he said.


In his sanctuary, the president
held meetings with a rich blend of Nigerians across the divide, and across
groups and persuasions – in his true aspect as a president blind to the
polarising profiles of colour, complexion, class, and provincial
stratification. A president for all.


Among those, who visited the
president were governors, political leaders, business figures, and a whole
gamut of Nigerians. Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, one of the governors who
visited, said after a meeting: “One thing is that he has a very courageous,
unifying policy; the exchange rate and then removing subsidy, which actually
had become a scam and costing us a lot of money. Those policies are good but
then they come with the negative sides. They come with challenges for an
economy where over 60 percent of the population is living below the poverty
line. So, it’s not going to be easy, immediately. But I believe that if we are
patient and if we go through the policies without compromising, over time,
things will turn around.”


The Tinubu administration has
been making deliberate, sincere, concerted, and sustained efforts to engender
national cohesion. The principal ingredients for national or social cohesion
are justice, fairness, equity, and trust, and these the leadership is
advancing. The staunchest advocate of national cohesion and unity is the
president who seizes every opportunity to declare truth, togetherness, and


In his New Year’s address, the
president reprised his true form, declaring that he would always give every Nigerian
equal opportunity to thrive and prosper. The president said: ‘’Fellow
Nigerians, my major ambition in government as a senator in the aborted Third
Republic, as Governor of Lagos State for eight years and now as the president
of this blessed country is to build a fair and equitable society and close the
widening inequality. While I believe the rich should enjoy their legitimately
earned wealth, our minimum bargain must be that any Nigerian that works hard
and diligent enough will have a chance to get ahead in life. I must add that
because God didn’t create us with equal talents and strengths, I cannot
guarantee that we will have equal outcomes when we work hard. But my
government, in this new year 2024 and beyond, will work to give every Nigerian
equal opportunity to strive and to thrive.’’


The new Nigeria under President
Tinubu is not one manacled by the isms — classism, sexism, and schisms. It is a
Nigeria where citizens can thrive and prosper irrespective of demographic or
geographic divergences; where women and the youth are prioritised, where hard
work is rewarded and where any citizen can reach the pinnacle of his calling by
sheer industry.


The new Nigeria under President
Tinubu is not one characterised by insouciance and obduracy. It is a Nigeria
where the leadership is attuned to citizens, focalising the welfare of the
vulnerable and the most vulnerable segments of the population.


The new Nigeria under President
Tinubu is a Nigeria rekindling hope with potent actions in the promises of a
greater today and tomorrow. It is a Nigeria of possibilities. We can be better;
we can be greater. We can be united. We can come together.


The new Nigeria under President
Tinubu is a Nigeria we all have to support and work for. We all have our part
to play in the Nigeria Project.


Fredrick Nwabufo is the senior
special assistant to the president on public engagement


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