FG places N2m bounty on woman accused of maltreating her 10-year-old maid

Minister of Women Affairs Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye has joined the manhunt and announced N2 million bounty on an Anambra based lawyer, Adachukwu Cukelu-Okafor, now on the run, who allegedly used broken bottle, knife and electric iron to “brutalise” the child said to be her niece.

FG places N2m bounty on woman who is accused of maltreating her 10-year-old maid
FG places N2m bounty on woman accused of maltreating her 10-year-old maid

In a viral video, the girl was seen with gory iron-stamp burns all over her body, allegedly inflicted on her by her guardian, Mrs. Cukelu-Okafor, whom she began living with on 5 January, 2024.

The incident happened in Akpaka, Onitsha in Onitsha North Local Government Area of Anambra State, where Mrs Cukelu-Okafor, reportedly accused the survivor of touching her daughter.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, the Minister said: “I decided to keep quiet on an issue, thinking that by now it should have been solved, the issue of one Mrs Adachukwu Cukelu-Okafor, who burnt a 10 year-old house girl with hot knife, putting it in her private part and at the same time using hot iron to do a lot of damages on this girl’s body.

“I kept quiet because I thought by now it should have been solved. For the fact that up to date it has not been solved, I’ve decided to wage in.

Some people will say why is Women Affairs always getting involved in things, please let me explain to Nigerians. It is within my purview to get involved. Everything that concerns women and children across Nigeria, I have every right to get involved in it. See this one I kept quiet what has happened till date? Nothing! So I’m not going to listen anymore. I am going to wage into any issue that concerns women and children across this country.

“So I am declaring Adachukwu Cukelu-Okafor wanted, asking Nigerians…with the President we have now, you have to fight for your rights because he listens. When you have a president that listens it is an opportunity I don’t want Nigerians to miss. This is the time to come out, stand firmly and defend yourself. Defend what is meant for you, defend good positive actions meant for you because the President is all there to care for you.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu cares so use this opportunity and do the needed. Please Nigerians go out there and search for this woman bring her out, call any police station and hand her over. The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs is offering N2 million to anybody that will lay hand on this woman and hand her over to the police. We need this woman urgently because this girl is in pains. This girl has been in the hospital. It could be your child tomorrow. It could be anybody’s relation.

“So let us not fold our hands. N2 million to anybody that will give necessary information to the police or to Women Affairs ministry on how to get Adachukwu Cukelu-Okafor, the barrister that did all those harmful things on that small child, the house helps… This happened in Anambra State, N2 million will be given to anybody that will give us information on how this woman will be apprehended by the police because police have been looking for her and she’s nowhere to be found.”

Kennedy-Ohaneye said in a couple of days she will be making a pronouncement to put a stop to the use of under 18 as House helps.

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