Azealia Banks SLAMS Beyonce’s country music

Beyonce‘s ‘narcissistic’ foray into the country music genre has been slammed by her longtime troll Azealia Banks

The superstar 42, who shocked fans when she announced a new county music album during the Verizon Super Bowl ad on Sunday, was quickly put on blast by controversial musician Banks, 32.

Banks wrote on Instagram: ‘Ugh Bianca girl I love you down but them r&b runs over the leslie feist back beats is giving pickmesha.

‘Nothing country about it. You’re seeing yourself up to be ridiculed again. There’s a theatrical element to country music !!!

‘Them critics are not just going to accept an ugly blond wig and , bullying from jay-z !!! It’s giving big time musical grift. Yes black girls can make country music… but you’re just really not hitting the button.

She added: ‘Beyoncé please stop the madness. The gay baiting, the overtly narcissistic attempts to lazily encroach into a genre *you think* your popularity is gonna gain accolades for you in… You’re looking like food sis. You will gag when k Michelle tears it.;

Azealia Banks SLAMS Beyonce's country music
Azealia Banks SLAMS Beyonce’s country music

Back in 2018 Banks accused Beyonce of stealing her choreography, stealing from other female artists and being a ‘regular b***h’.

This comes after Beyonce surprised fans by teasing forthcoming new music as she stunned in a Verizon Super Bowl ad — for which she reportedly received a $30million payout.

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