Minister places N2m bounty on lawyer for allegedly burning house help

The Federal Government has placed a N2 million bounty on
Anambra-based lawyer Adachukwu Chukelu-Okafor, currently at large, for
allegedly burning her 11-year-old house help.


She was alleged to have used a hot-pressing iron and knife
to burn and chop in pieces, the private part of her house help.


Mrs Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, Minister of Women Affairs,
disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja, following a viral video of the
girl after she was abused and returned to her aunt, who gave her out as house


“Please, Nigerians, go out there and search for this woman,
bring her out, call any police station, and hand her over.


“The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs is offering N2
million to anybody who will lay hands on this woman and hand her over to the


“We need this woman urgently because the girl is in pain and
has been in the hospital. It could be your child or anybody’s relative, so let
us not fold our hands.


“We will give N2 million to anybody who will give the
necessary information to the police or the women’s affairs ministry on how to
get Adachukwu, the barrister, who did all those harmful things to her house


“This woman will be apprehended by the police who have been
looking for her, and she is nowhere to be found,” she said.


Kennedy-Ohanenye also urged the public to divulge any
information that would enable the authorities to apprehend the suspect, who has
gone into hiding, to ensure justice for the victim.


“This issue of Adachukwuchu, who burnt her 11-year-old house
girl with a hot knife, putting it in her private part, and at the same time
using a hot pressing iron to do other damage to her, is of grave concern to the
Federal Government.


“I kept quiet initially because I thought that by now it
would have been solved by the state since they were aware of it. Due to the
fact that it still hasn’t been solved, I have decided to wade in.


 “Some people will
say, Why is the ministry always getting involved? Let me explain that it is
within my purview to get involved in anything that involves women and children
across Nigeria. I have every right to get involved in it,” she said.


The minister also revealed that the government would soon
make a pronouncement on the issue of employing underage housekeepers who are
less than 18 years old to end cases of child abuse and violation.


According to her, there will be an enforcement programme to
that end to be driven by the Federal Ministry of Justice.


“Again, in a couple of days, there will be a pronouncement
from this ministry on taking house help from children who are less than 18
years old.


“We are going to put a stop to it; there will be a
pronouncement within a week and an endorsement programme for that action.


“And we will need the whistle-blowers, who are Nigerians, to
come and fight for your country, especially now. Come out and give information
about anything that you feel will help this country,” she urged.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a video of the
house help, lying on a hospital bed after being allegedly abused went viral,
sparking public outrage. (NAN)


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