Tinubu to NLC: You’re not the only voice of Nigerians — wait till 2027 to participate in politics

President Bola Tinubu says it is unacceptable for the labour
unions to call for a strike within the first nine months of an administration.


Speaking in Lagos on Thursday at the inauguration of the red
line rail project, Tinubu asked the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to maintain
peace, adding that it is not the only voice of Nigerians.


The NLC had declared a two-day nationwide mass protest for
February 27 and 28, over the economic hardship being faced by Nigerians.


On Tuesday, the protest took place in many parts of the
country, including Abuja, the federal capital territory (FCT).


However, the leadership of NLC on Tuesday evening announced
the suspension of the second day of the protest, noting that the objectives
were achieved on the first day of the rally.


Joe Ajaero, NLC president, also alleged that the congress
was intimidated and harassed in a bid to prevent the street marches.


“The Labour union should understand that no matter how much
we cling to our freedom and rights… to call for strike within nine months of an
administration is unacceptable,” Tinubu said.


“If you want to participate in the electoral process, wait
until 2027. If not, maintain peace, you are not the only voice of Nigerians.”




Tinubu said Nigeria will overcome the economic challenges it
is facing, adding that he is aware that smugglers and corruption will fight


Tinubu said there is no going back on the ongoing reforms by
his administration.


 “I asked for this
job, I cannot complain. These reforms that are ongoing, we are not looking back
because it is all about the people,” he said.


“One thing I know is that there is a very bright light at
the end of the tunnel.


“I agree smugglers will fight back, corruption will fight
back… we will fight them to ruin.


“Corruption will go away. We will save the money for you; to
educate our children; to pay for the healthcare system of our people; to pay
for modern transportation system.


 “The fight is on, we
are not looking back. This economy, we will grow it; we will feed ourselves out
of the penury and we will be happy that we did it.


“If it is corruption, we must exterminate it no matter how
hard it is fighting back… no to corruption. We must adhere to our pledge.
Nigeria will be out of economic problems.”


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