Kanye West DELETES his Instagram account

Kanye West has seemingly shut down his Instagram account just a month after ranting about legally changing his name

Kanye West DELETES his Instagram account
Kanye West DELETES his Instagram account

The social media account for the rapper, now legally known as Ye, is no longer visible for the 20million followers his page had accrued. Instead, a search for his personal page returns a message reading: “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Kanye West DELETES his Instagram account
Kanye West DELETES his Instagram account

The apparent deactivation comes just a month after the Vultures rapper, 46, launched an outburst on the platform for people failing to call him by his new official name. His name change was legally approved by a Los Angeles judge in October last year, but Ye hit out at those still trying to “force” him to use his old name. In a screenshot of a message sent to Justin LaBoy, Ye said: “I’m closing my Kanye West Instagram account.

“My name is Ye. No brand or numbers gonna force me to call myself what they want me to still be.” In the caption, he added: “Name being changed to Ye on insta shortly.”

In a follow-up post, Ye shared a message he received from Justin. It read: “Instagram has approved. They just got into the office and called immediately. Waiting on info they need to make it happen today.”

However, it now appears he has left the platform all together and fans have been quick to speculate on what exactly has happened. A thread on Reddit sees a number of users adamant he has simply blocked everyone, while others make more of a joke about the possibility. One user mocked: “I think he has blocked everyone from r/kanye.”

Others believe his page has been temporarily taken down due to his content.

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