I’m tired of being Governor -Wike

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state, says if the constitution allows for a third term, he would not contest because he is tired.

Wike spoke on Tuesday when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) issued him his certificate of return.

Commenting on the March 9 gubernatorial election in the state, Wike said the military prevented the electoral body from performing its duties.

He, however, commended INEC and the police for “standing their ground” and refusing to be intimidated.

He called for peace and cooperation in the state, asking all aggrieved parties to bury the past and forge ahead.

“Nobody can be more than the state, so, for me, I want total peace in Rivers state. All of us should come back, wherever you are, whether in the federal or local government, come and work for the interest of the state,” Wike said.

“I’ll not be governor forever. I only have for more years. After the four years, I’ve gone. The constitution does not allow for third term. Even if it does, bye bye, I’m tired. I’ll not.

“I used to tell my wife every day whenever I wake up, I say thank God, you never can tell the next day, what will happen. And any day I have opportunity like this, I’ll speak my mind. I am not afraid, nobody has monopoly to take my life. I will die the day God says I will die.

“Elections have come and gone. We have no other state other than Rivers state. I owe this state a lot, if I die today, I’ll not be buried in Lagos neither will I be buried in Abuja. My house is in Rivers. I am [sic] unrepentable Rivers man. I stood on the altar of God and I said bygone is bygone. Some people do not believe it, I want to assure them I’m not like them. I cannot stand on the altar of God and make a statement and go back.

“Let us forget about whoever is angry or not. Forgive me if I have stepped on your toes and I have forgiven everyone who stepped on my toes. Let’s work for Rivers state. Anybody who knows me knows that when I say something, I’ll do it.

“We have done the little we can in the last four years and we will not wait, we will not relent, we will continue to work. There is no time for enjoyment. If there are any more awards to win in this country, I will collect all for this state.”


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