Kanu replies Odemwingie after accusing his wife of wooing him and calling her delilah


Ex Super Eagles Captain, Nwankwo Kanu has reacted to a call out by his former Super Eagles teammate, Osazie Odemwingie, in which he accused his wife, Amara Kanu, of wooing him via social media.


Odemwingie took to Instagram yesterday to make it clear that he’s not interested in whatever Amara Kanu is pestering him for.


He shared: “How can a wife of a legend like @kingkanu4 be chasing me for a chat relentlessly (check ur DM check your DM) na by force?”


He added: “@amarakanu. Your husband has my number and it’s not in our culture to msg another man without asking your husband.”

In another post, he said: “@amarakanu If your hello can’t be public it’s probably not just a hello. Mine is #nigeria #naija LUKE 10:19.”


Reacting to the accusation, Amara Kanu in Osaze’s comment section wrote that her husband is aware of whatever he thinks she’s up to.


“@odemwingie_81 oh no no no. Kindly take this post down. @kingkanu4 is fully aware of this. We want to talk to you as a family,” she wrote.


Also reacting to the call out, Kanu queried, saying, Hahahhhahha Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes unfortunately the world loves negative things without finding out the truth. Honestly If we can all channel this energy towards positive things and support for charities the world will be a better place.

I don’t understand this talk that my wife is wooing who?. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

He added:  “Who is wooing who?”

“Osaze, I am still going to choose family over everything else. My reaching out to you over a situation you passed through, or you reaching me can never be taken out of context as a Family. You got this one completely wrong my dear brother. ONE LOVE.”


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