Tired Of That Abusive Relationship? These Tips Would Guide You On What To Do

Abusive relationships seem to be on the rise these days. Different stories come up on social media every day about someone being abused physically or emotionally.

Abuse can take many forms within the context of a relationship. It can be emotional, financial, physical, or even sexual, but no matter what, no woman deserves to be abused.

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You might ask yourself, “what should I do since I’m already in one?” This post will expose you to steps to take if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

1.Acknowledge That You’re Being Abused

When we hear the word abused, it might come across as just being physical but it also has a lot to do with the emotional sexual, and financial aspects. You have to acknowledge and accept that you’re being abused before any other tip can work.

2.Realize It’s Not Your Fault

Abuse is never the victim’s fault. Realizing is the key to getting out of an abusive situation. Believe that none of this is your fault, and you deserve better. So if you see the signs of abuse from the previous slide, take the time to realize that it’s not your fault.

3.Start Saving

Since you would have to leave the relationship, you need to save enough. If you don’t have a job, then get one. You need to bring something that would bring in cash monthly or weekly.

4.Reach Out For Help

Don’t keep quiet in an abusive relationship. You have to reach out to someone, either your friends or relations. If you don’t want to involve your family, you can talk to a counsellor. Just make sure you’re reaching out to someone. Most importantly, don’t be keep quiet!

5.Leave The Relationship If The Abuse Persist

Leaving your abuser is the final way out of any form of an abusive relationship. Make sure you totally disengage from him completely. If you know things are dangerous, carefully pick the time you leave but make sure that the abuser won’t realize you’re gone for a while. Also, ensure that your phone does not have a tracker installed so he doesn’t track you.

6.Move On

The moment you leave that relationship, try as much as possible to move on. Encourage positive vibes only. Leave the past behind and hope for a beautiful future with your child if you had one for him or with another partner.

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