Blessing CEO finally set to unveil her own house

Blessing CEO is finally set to unviel her own house.
Recall the relationship expert had gone to share photos of a completed mansion where she lied and said was hers.

The owner of the house, a businessman and his family got her arrested and she was forced to say the truth.

This made alot of people label her fake and a liar.

Now Blessing says she will be unvieling hers this december.

Announcing the news, she wrote;

”Blessing CEO wrote: “December I will show u the final result….. this is the process, we dey call White House and I am taking the street . Look out for BCEO Avenue 🙏🙏🙏. Audio to video. I refused to be rich only on Instagram. Paul say I picked up the stone nobody threw me and built mansion in the air , that line pain me. For every time they mocked me on Instablog I was building. The insult kept me pushing and determined I swear. They dragged me to my success story . I can’t thank you people enough. Thanks for not giving up on me.”

Don’t mind her o, she forgot she told us back then that she already had her own house under construction, but was just eager to show off and that’s the reason she lied about the businessman’s house. So which one is they dragged me to my success story, lol.


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