Harrysong Speaks On Family, Fatherhood & Nigeria

Harrysong Speaks On Family, Fatherhood & Nigeria

Singer Harrysong, says that being a father and husband does not affect the kind of music he does. In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “My home (family) has nothing to do with the (music) business I do. It will also not affect the kind of music videos I make.”

Speaking on the assumption some people have that musicians contribute to the moral decadence in society with the kind of songs they sing, Harrysong said, “It depends on what inspires the musicians. I have a large followership of young people, so I try as much to be mindful of the things I say and do. These things are personal. So, I don’t judge.”

The singer, who recently complained about the mindless killings in the country, noted that the government ought to do more to put a stop to it. He said, “The solution to this problem is in the hands of our leaders. They have brainwashed youths from a particular part of the country that Nigeria belongs to them, and that is not true. They need to understand that there are other people that are here to make Nigeria great again.

“When #EndSARS protests happened, the government knew the people who championed the protests and their bank accounts were frozen. In the same vein they can also fish out the criminals behind the insecurity in the nation if they are committed to it. People in positions of authority should sensitise their followers to understand that we need peace and unity for the country to progress.”

Clarifying his statement that citizens should be allowed to carry guns, the ‘She Knows’ singer said, “I know it (the suggestion) could cause more havoc. I made the statement in anger because I know that these things (attacks on innocent citizens) have been happening consistently. There seems to be no solution. That is why we are advising and encouraging youths to get their permanent voter’s card to elect the leaders they desire to rule this country.”


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