Charly Boy Prays To God To Keep Him As A Boy Forever

Charly Boy Prays To God To Keep Him As A Boy Forever

Charly Boy has sought divine intervention over his youthfulness.

The Septuagenarian, in an Instagram video this morning, asked God to keep his heart and soul even at 100 years.

The 72-year-old said he feels 44, declaring his youthfulness can’t be defined by his real age nor can any sickness incapacitate him.

He said: “Age is nothing but a number, so they say. So, I picked the age 44.

“My real age can’t define my youthfulness. No type of sickness can hold me down. Oh no!

“Yes see, my life force and the boy in my Charly will never depart from me. That’s what I said!

“As wrinkles begin to target my face, may it never locate my heart.

“Yes o! It will never, ever locate my heart. I reject that my spirit should ever grow old.

“Lord even if I love till a 100 years, please keep me a Charly boy forever.”

The video caption reads: “I may age, but my heart and soul will forever be a boy. The boy in the Charly.”



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