Real Reason Fuji lord, Saheed Osupa Went Back To School

Real Reason Fuji lord, Saheed Osupa Went Back To School

In this interview with Mid-Week Entertainment, Fuji artiste, Akorede Okunola, aka Saheed Osupa, revealed the reason behind his decision to return to school to study political science at the University of Ibadan

Recently, you announced that you bagged a degree from the University of Ibadan. What inspired the move despite your massive achievement in the entertainment industry?

Firstly, I thank the Almighty God for His grace over my life, family and fans all over the world. My going back to school was not accidental as it still goes with my mother’s wish for me. I have always desired to seek more knowledge by going back to school.

Meanwhile, I also want to prove to the world that musicians, particularly Fuji artistes, can fit into any setting and organisation. Truly, I have achieved a lot as a music entertainer, but I need to still equip myself the more, while also preparing for the future.

How has being educated affected your life and business as a renowned Fuji artiste?

It has shaped me in many ways: from my career as a musician, businessman and to how to manage people. I just can’t name it all.


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